Stop snoring and
find energy for life

Finding energy for life through a good night’s sleep

The Patney sleep positioner is a non-invasive, comfortable way to immediately control your snoring. Sleep on a Patney sleep positioner and you’ll wake up feeling energised for life.

Proven to be effective by WellSleep Centre, Otago University

Customised to your weight and height

Made from 100% natural latex

30-day money back guarantee

Patney ScienceScientifically proven to control your snoring

How does the Patney control your snoring?

  • Places you in the perfect sleeping position to open your airways - upper chest, throat and nose
  • Individualised to your body size and shape, because everyone is unique
  • Comfortably supports your head, neck and chest

Why is the Patney great?

  • New Zealand designed and developed by a snorer
  • Designed for back and side sleepers
  • Wake up feeling refreshed and energised
How it Works

See what others think about Patney

“Thank you for such a fantastic product. The Patney Sleep Positioner has made an enormous difference, and it is brilliant. I now wake up rested and feel fresh every day. Thank you for what you have done.”

“After using my Patney for 5 nights I haven’t snored once, not a single time. My partner is delighted not to have the constant buzz saw operating all night. It took me a couple of nights to get used to it but I’ve had great sleep and the bonus is that I can sleep on my back and still not snore – no snoring at all for 5 nights in a row! I am so happy.”

“I purchased the Patney pillow 6 months ago. Since then comments from anyone in the house about my snoring have ceased. Fantastic. It has also eliminated the ear pressure problem which I also had. I now have a better night’s sleep and am very very grateful to Frances and her Patney team.”

“I’m amazed at the Patney’s success! It has improved my life in a week! I've slept on the pillow now for 6 nights and I am now waking before my alarm and getting up feeling refreshed and ready for life. Before I would snooze my alarm for an hour and the kids would have to drag me out of bed feeling so tired still. I've gone for two morning runs and I’m spending quality morning time with the kids before school/work. I'm so grateful for the pillow, thank you so so much.” 

"I would like to say how wonderful this amazing sleep positioner is. My husband has noticed a considerable decrease in my snoring. It is so comfortable. Last year l had 3 breast operations, the last one in October ending up with a mastectomy of one breast. The Patney helped me to be comfortable."

"Prior to purchasing the Patney my snoring was out of control, my wife could not sleep because of it, I could sleep but woke up totally exhausted. So we had two totally exhausted people each morning looking to get to work with no energy.

Since purchasing the Patney we now both sleep all night and both wake up full of energy, looking forward to the day ahead. My snoring has gone and it is the first time in 10 years that I leap out of bed looking forward to the day ahead.

Thank you Patney, this was the best purchase I have done in years."

Everyone deserves a good night's sleep

Patney founder Frances Anderson knows first-hand the impact snoring can have on your wellbeing and happiness