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Interview with Kathryn Ryan, RNZ, on the Nine to Noon Show highlights Patney

If snoring is getting between you and your partner, there is now an easy fix at hand.

Designed and developed in New Zealand, the Patney Anti-Snore Sleep Positioner Pillow will stop snoring so you can reclaim your peaceful snore free nights. A non-invasive comfortable way for you to beat snoring and for you and your partner to wake up feeling energised for the day ahead.

Proven to be effective by WellSleep Centre, Otago University

Customised to your weight and height

Made from 100% natural latex

30-day money back guarantee

Patney ScienceScientifically proven to control your snoring

How does the Patney control your snoring?

  • Places you in the perfect sleeping position to open your airways - upper chest, throat and nose
  • Individualised to your body size and shape, because everyone is unique
  • Comfortably supports your head, neck and chest

Why is the Patney great?

  • New Zealand designed and developed by a snorer
  • Designed for back and side sleepers
  • Wake up feeling refreshed and energised
How it Works

See what others think about Patney

“Thank you for such a fantastic product. The Patney Sleep Positioner has made an enormous difference, and it is brilliant. I now wake up rested and feel fresh every day. Thank you for what you have done.”

"Many thanks for your wonderful product (Patney Pillow). It has alleviated my husbands snoring, and made my sleep blissful. I’ve ordered a second pillow as we live in two places, and remembering to pack pillow wasn’t happening." 

Should have bought one of these 20 years ago ! Hubby no longer snores . Yay ! Worth the money folks 🙂👍

“I have to tell the world about this pillow! It has changed my life. The life that was the wife of a snorer, holy heck, freight trains had nothing on my hubby - his snoring was dream shattering, sleep preventing, fully induced wife loathing but after a visit with the amazing Lisa at Koru Acupuncture, she told me about this pillow. I was hugely sceptical, thought what a load of rubbish but hey I had tried everything else, so why not this! And god damn am I glad I did - last night was the 6th snore free night I’ve had in the last 20 years. For all my tired friends who look at their husbands with the death stare in the morning, seriously consider buying one of these pillow. And just to make it even better, Layne says he wakes up feeling amazing, the best sleep he’s ever had.” 

"We honestly cannot believe how amazing the pillow is. It’s improved our lives beyond words. We had been sleeping in separate rooms for months now due to Johns snoring and neither of us enjoyed being apart. This amazing pillow offers John a great rejuvenating sleep without snoring whatsoever. It’s like a miracle. "

So embarrassingly I was the snorer of my marriage, to the point where my husband couldn't sleep. Not only was I ashamed, I felt so sorry for him because I was getting a great sleep but he wasn't. So I took the challenge, bought the pillow and literally the night it arrived it reduced my snoring. I check with my hubbie every morning and he says 'I don't get woken up by you anymore. 5 ⭐from the Senele's!!!

Amanda Gillies AM Show - How Patney stopped Amanda's partners snoring

Everyone deserves a good night's sleep

Patney founder Frances Anderson knows first-hand the impact snoring can have on your wellbeing and happiness