Non-invasive snoring solution helps mum - Katie Barton-Ginger shares her story...

 Non-invasive anti-snore solution helps mother

We love hearing feedback from our valued customers. After all, the reason Patney exists is to help reduce people’s snoring so they get a better night’s sleep. So, when we heard from one of our customers Katie Barton-Ginger, we asked if we could share her experience with her Patney and she was happy to share her story, please read on…

I ordered and received my very own anti-snore Patney sleep positioner last week and I think it could very well be changing my life already. I am ecstatic as only other snorers, and partners of snorers could appreciate. Actually, even our kids, who sleep in their own rooms with two bathrooms in-between our room and theirs, could regularly hear me snoring.  

When I told my husband what I had just put on the credit card for the Patney, he seriously just about fell off the couch. But my answer was that I simply had to do something, I had run out of options and I just hated keeping him awake all the time and disrupting his sleep. He never complained though. I have tried a lot of things to try and stop my snoring, but nothing has worked – here are just a few of those things:

  • Losing 10kg
  • Giving up dairy products
  • Jaw/tongue exercises
  • Consciously sleeping with my mouth shut (it always falls open)
  • A couple of mouth guards (always get flung across the room in my sleep and I find them in the morning in a corner)
  • A 'stop snoring ring'  

My snoring began after our daughter was born 15 years ago and none of the above methods have worked. I have spent a great deal of my married life (14 years) getting upset about it, apologising a million times a night to my wonderful, tolerant husband, and feeling extremely embarrassed about this annoying habit, especially on girls' weekends away where I get assigned a room on my own or with other snorers. Second-class citizen! ;-) 

I was so excited to see my Patney on the doorstep and luckily my husband was away for the week for work, so I could experiment with a snore app to see how I snored with it and without. I am very pleased to say the positive results were immediate and very obviously, I snored much less with my new anti-snore pillow. I’ve only been sleeping on it for 5 nights now and oh how my life has changed in this short time!  

This morning, here is what my husband said to me, "I couldn't believe it! I woke up during the night and you were as quiet as a mouse.”

Thanks so much for developing this anti-snore pillow. I am really glad that I continued to search the Internet and took a punt and ordered it. Very happy customer – Katie Barton-Ginger. For further information about the Patney sleep positioner click here.