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NZ-Invented Anti-Snore Solution Celebrates Its 1st Birthday

NZ-Invented Anti-Snore Solution Celebrates Its 1st Birthday

Local New Zealand business known for its development of a proven solution to combat snoring celebrates its first birthday.

Patney, launched in March 2018 on World Sleep Day, with a focus on solving a common issue, snoring, with a premium product; the anti-snore sleep positioner. The pioneering business opened its doors to the New Zealand public a year ago and is transforming the once taboo topic of snoring. Thousands of Kiwi’s are now getting a quiet night of sleep because of Patney.

Founder, Frances Anderson, invented the Patney out of sheer frustration to find a product that worked and was a comfortable and non-invasive solution. The ground-breaking design has been proven to control snoring via a study undertaken by the WellSleep Centre, Otago University.

Reflecting on a roller-coaster first year Frances Anderson states, “We exist because I invented a solution to my own problem. I try to stay fit and healthy and my snoring was something I couldn’t fix with exercise or diet. In fact, snoring can’t be cured but it can be controlled, and it was something I was always embarrassed about. Now being on the market for one year, we are changing conversations among the population around snoring and educating the public about the importance of a good night’s sleep. It took nearly 5 years to get to the point of launching to the public so it’s encouraging to see so many Kiwi’s have found the solution they have been looking for. The journey hasn’t been easy, we’ve been on a very steep learning curve, but we have achieved so much in our first year. We will continue to innovate, grow and develop. It is so worth it when we receive such positive feedback from our wonderful customers.”

Before its launch on World Sleep Day 2018, it was imperative the company had backing from an independent clinical study. Dr Angela Campbell, Manager at the WellSleep Centre, states, “It was great to see that Patney recognised the value of undertaking independent research to ensure that they are marketing a product which will actually help people who snore.”

Also, before its launch, the Waikato-based company knew that having a breakthrough product was only half of the challenge. Strong marketing was required to convince the public that the anti-snoring pillow really does work. To achieve this Patney selected specialist agencies to work alongside its in-house team.

Josh Moore, from its digital agency Duoplus says, “We love marketing a product that makes such a difference to people’s lives. I sleep on a Patney myself – after 17 years of marriage, my wife is so pleased that I’ve finally stopped snoring!”

Hamilton based Dr Stanley Koshy states, “Thank you for such a fantastic product. The Patney Sleep Positioner has made an enormous difference, and it is brilliant. I now wake up rested and feel fresh every day. Thank you for what you have done.”

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