The snoring problem and the value of a proven solution

The snoring problem and the value of a proven solution

We’ve all heard the joking and rude comments about the husband, the wife (yes, a lot of women do snore), or the partners that can snore the dust off the light shades. But for many people, snoring is no joke - especially for the person who is kept awake by the noisy Snore Monster in the room. There is often a strain put on the relationship and embarrassment for the snorer, particularly if sleeping away from home, such as camping or staying with friends.

The average noise level of snorers is 60 decibels (normal speech range is 40 to 60 decibels) and a really loud snorer can reach 90 decibels, a level that could be hazardous to your hearing. Researchers have found that constant exposure, over a period of time, to a noise level of 85 or more decibels, can lead to a much greater risk of hearing loss.

But more common is the overall effect caused by sleep deprivation, both for the partner and the snorer; who is often woken by their own snoring. Or in more serious cases, where sleep apnea exists, by a curtailment to breathing. Anyone who lives with a snorer knows only too well how difficult it can be to get a good nights’ sleep without moving to the spare room, the living room sofa, or using earplugs; all of which can have an unwelcome effect on the relationship.

The effects of sleep deprivation can be seen in the following diagram:


What is the solution to the problem?

Of course, nobody wants to be a snorer, suffer from sleep deprivation or seriously affect their partner’s sleep and many hours are spent by snorers and/or their partners, scanning Google and other websites, for a solution to the problem. And many purported solutions are offered. These range from inexpensive nose clips ($10) to expensive CPAC machines (for diagnosed sleep apnea) at around $2,000.

The availability of the numerous treatments offered is confusing for the uninformed and it is not uncommon for suffers to have tried several different options to solve their problem, including surgery, without success. But experience shows that when looking for a solution to a snoring problem, shoppers have a definite short-list of what they want in a product.

Firstly, of course, it must be proven to work. It must not be intrusive. It must be comfortable. It must be a reasonable price and good value for money. And very importantly, the product should be supported by good science as to why it will work, and the seller must have credibility.

The Patney Anti-Snore Pillow ticks all of those boxes. Firstly, it is not simply another pillow, as it may appear to be at first glance. Rather, the Patney is a cleverly designed sleep positioner, individually customised for the user, which places the sleeper in a position that opens up the airways and prevents the snoring. The design was perfected over a period of some three years by the Waikato designer and founder of the business, whom was herself a chronic snorer who needed a solution as she was heading towards serious sleep apnea.

Before being introduced to the market more than two years ago, the product underwent independent validation testing by the WellSleep Centre – Otago University. The study, by Dr. Angela Campbell and Associate Professor Alister Neill, assessed the effectiveness of the Patney in reducing snoring in a population of snorers and/or mild obstructive sleep apnea subjects.

The outcome of the study was that:

  • Patney improved sleep quality;
  • Bed partners reported less restlessness, less snoring and improved sleep
  • 89% of the partners of the people who completed the study reported a reduction in their partner’s snoring.

Given its patented unique design and that it is customised to take account of your specific body measurements, the Patney offers serious value for money, including shipping costs paid.

We are so confident of our proven product that we offer a 30-night money-back guarantee so there is no risk for you and an enormously high prospect of a successful outcome.

We invite you now to review our website and the wonderful (unsolicited) testimonials we have received from many satisfied customers whom have invested in a Patney and confirm that it has changed their life in so many ways.