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What people are saying about the Patney...

At Patney, we want you to know that we are everyday people and we like to know that you are getting the best possible use out of your Patney. So, we like to follow-up with you and hear about your experience - we love getting to hear all the wonderful success stories and of course any feedback which helps us provide an even better service. Fortunately, your feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. That is why I started Patney in the first place, to help people control their snoring like it does mine.

I’ve used a different name to protect his identity, but I thought you might like to hear a story from one of our customers Phillip Jones from the Waikato. Phillip has been using a Patney for many weeks and he had a wonderful story to share.

Phillip has been a habitual snorer for as long as he can remember and when his partner heard about us she was intrigued to see if it would reduce Phillip’s snoring. She admits to being sceptical at first because Phillip’s snoring could be heard throughout their entire home. She told us how she didn’t bother changing bedrooms anymore because she could hear Phillip’s snoring through the wall, so she figured she may as well stay in their room and endure the snoring there. With our Patney Promise of a 30-day money back guarantee they took the plunge and purchased a Patney.

Phillip’s customised Patney arrived after a couple of days and after his first night on it he and his partner were both in disbelief because his snoring completely stopped. His partner could not believe it. After enduring nearly 10 years of his snoring, Phillip’s breathing had become so quiet she couldn’t even hear it. On one occasion she had to lean over him in the middle of the night to check he was still breathing. And it didn’t stop there. After sleeping on it for only one-week Phillip got up 6am on the weekend to trim the hedges before it got too hot. At first his partner thought, that’s out of character but she soon realised that now Phillip doesn’t snore, and his airway is open, he’s getting a quality night sleep, so he has a lot more energy the next day. We do say at Patney, a good night leads to a great day!

As the weeks went by the Patney continued to stop Phillip’s snoring and their household was a lot happier, but then his partner realised she had a lot more energy as well. Luckily, she wears a Fitbit, so she looked back on her sleep patterns and realised that since Phillip has been sleeping on a Patney her deep sleep had almost doubled! She was reaping the benefits more than she could ever have imagined. Phillip also recently went on a fishing trip and didn’t feel the need to take his Patney away with him because his partner wasn’t joining him on this trip. Halfway through the trip he realised that was a grave mistake as his energy levels had dropped and getting up early to fish was taking its toll – he won’t be making that mistake again.

This is a wonderful story about the Patney completely stopping someone snoring and we are confident it could do the same for you, as our anti-snore solution did for this mum. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any feedback. Also if you or your partner are snorers, take advantage of our Patney Promise - 30-day back money guarantee on your Patney Sleep Positioner.