For those who are accustomed to sharing a bed with a regular snorer, you know all too well the frustrating and negative effect snoring has on you, whether you are having to escape to another room half way through the night or endure the supersonic snoring next to you. But...

Patney Founder Frances Anderson on The AM Show

Patney Founder Frances Anderson was invited to speak on The AM Show on World Sleep Day, March 2019. The hosts Duncan Garner, Amanda Gillies and Mark Richardson either use a Patney, to control their snoring, or their partner does, so it was wonderful to hear their feedback.  

“It’s brilliant....

10 Commandments of Sleep Hygiene for Adults

In addition to clinical sleep problems, poor sleep habits can cause poor-quality sleep-in adults. To help improve overall sleep and wellness, World Sleep Society has created the 10 Commandments of Sleep Hygiene for Adults:

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