The correlation between menopause and snoring

According to Dr Angela Campbell, Manager of WellSleep Centre, University of Otago, snoring is more common in post-menopausal women with rates of up to a staggering 67% reported. Yet the stigma surrounding women and snoring is the elephant in the room that nobody talks about.  

We are looking for NZ’s next top snorer!

Are you a talented snorer or do you know one?

New Zealands next top snorer

We’ve reached the midst of winter so what better way to celebrate ‘Snore-gust’ than with a bit of healthy competition in the search for New Zealand’s next top snorer.

The snoring stakes have...

Waikato entrepreneur launches anti-snore business

Waikato entrepreneur launches anti-snore business

Waikato business women Frances Anderson is a life-long snorer. Although her life has been anything but boring. Instead of being beaten down by the stigma of being a woman who snores, she developed an innovative Waikato-designed sleep positioner to help women (and...