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We often hear about the importance of good quality sleep on our health, wellbeing, and sanity. Sleep deprivation can lead to a long list of health issues, including weight gain, memory loss, mood swings, chronic fatigue, a weakening of the immune system, and long term, can equal depression.


Hamilton Press feature Patney's Entrepreneurial Snoring Solution

Hamilton Entrepreneur's Snore Solution.
A lifetime of feeling sleepless and embarrassed at snoring lead a Hamilton entrepreneur to take actions.  It took nearly five years of experimentation, but Frances Anderson finally launched her own anti-snore pillow.
Called the Patney Pillow, it is a sleep-positioner that is non-invasive and can help control snoring...

'Sleep Tight’ - Patney Features In The September Next Magazine

The September issue of Next Magazine features an article on how women are often too embarrassed to admit that they snore. Grab a copy it’s a great read! In the article, Sarah Catherall looks at the scientific reasons why women struggle with sleep conditions, snoring and what they can...