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Cranlee Wiawiri, Taranaki

“I was fortunate enough to win a Patney pillow
at the GP Conference this year. I decided to get it for my husband - the thought of not being interrupted throughout the night with his snoring was bliss. However, once it was delivered he just put it to the side and didn’t want to use it. So as it was gathering dust, I decided to change the bedroom and add in the Patney pillow and make my husband use it. And WOW, we have not looked back since. My husband now wakes up more refreshed and less grumpy, which means I do too! Even when he was sick with a head cold, it still worked. We slightly elevated the pillow and he was able to breathe a lot better while sick. I would recommend the Patney to all those who suffer the "nightly tree cutting" – I even got my boss to purchase one.”