Caring for your Patney

To keep your Patney in good condition, please become familiar with the care instructions in the brochure and on the care label on the inside of the Patney cover.

Should you require further information, please get in touch with us via the contact us at on or 07 838 0844.

Some general good practices to make sure your Patney is taken care of are:

  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Do not wash
  • Sponge out marks gently with a moist cloth
  • Do not dry clean

Dressing your bed with Patney

The Patney seamlessly fits into your bedroom décor. View the video for some helpful tips of the Patney being integrated into your bedroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it cure my snoring?

According to the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association, “snoring is a condition that cannot be cured but can be controlled”. The Patney can control your snoring. A study by the WellSleep Centre, Otago University, found that Patney:
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Bed partners reported less restlessness, less snoring and improved sleep.
  • The partners of 89% of the trialists who completed the study reported a reduction in snoring when using the Patney Sleep Positioner.

How long will it take for me to get used to sleeping on the Patney?

Does one size fit all?

Will it hurt my back or neck?

What is natural latex?

Does latex smell?

Can I wash my Patney?

How do I care for my Patney?

Does Patney fit a normal pillow case/slip?

Want to know anything else?

"The Patney is wonderful, you should have invented it 25 years ago. Now I sleep right through, I couldn’t believe it the first night I woke up and it was 6:30am – it’s absolutely wonderful, I can't believe the difference it has made."

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A snoring cure? No, but the Patney will help control your snoring!