- Sue Renshaw, Auckalnd

Recently after an operation, I was referred to a sleep specialist and was diagnosed with moderate apnoea. After a consultation, it was agreed that I would undertake a control experiment, by oxygen testing my breathing on consecutive nights: one spent with a standard pillow and one without the Patney. The contrast was extraordinary - on the standard pillow, there were between 17 and 18 episodes per hour and with the Patney, a mere 4.8. The latter statistic, being under 5, is not even treated as apnoea. With the use of the pillow, I can avoid more drastic treatments. This is excellent news for me.

- Paul Shenkin, Auckland

My snoring was so bad we were heading towards separate bedrooms, and going away with girlfriends with a shared room was stressful. I’m not your usual snorer; female and not overweight ... I’ve had my pillow a month, it does take a bit of getting used to, you need to position yourself right for it to work, in time I’m sure this will be automatic but to start with you need to be aware of where your shoulders are positioned and find the sweet spot for your head. It really is a miracle pillow and worth every dollar!

- Wendy Ellery-Jones, Hamilton

“Thank you for such a fantastic product. The Patney Sleep Positioner has made an enormous difference, and it is brilliant. I now wake up rested and feel fresh every day. Thank you for what you have done.” 

- Dr Stanley Koshy GP, Hamilton

People need to know about this great pillow! My husband reports I have not been snoring at all since I started sleeping on my Patney pillow. It did take a few nights to get used to but now I find it quite comfy. I have tried so many things; spray, mouth guards, nostril stretchers, really anything. We even invested in a $10,000 adjustable bed thinking if I was elevated the snoring would stop. Nothing worked for me. Even my grandson would say ‘nanny sounds angry asleep’. Now with the Patney pillow, my snoring has stopped and nanny no longer sounds angry asleep.

- Carlene Mabey, Omokora

Just to let you know that I am very happy with my pillow.  As a snorer and sleep apnoea sufferer, my husband says I am a lot quieter now. I sleep for longer, waking up more refreshed. It took me about a week to transition from my former pillow to sleeping on the Patney. Also because of the shape of the pillow, I find it a lot cooler to sleep on thus aiding my quality of sleep. Thank you so much!

- Heather McDonald, Auckland

- Lesley Viner

I’ve been meaning to write for a long time to say thank you for such an amazing product. My husband was a terrible snorer and it was really impacting on my sleep, wellbeing and our relationship. I have to say I was sceptical another pillow would work, but thought it was worth a try. I can’t believe the difference! His snoring has reduced hugely and if he does snore now it’s much quieter and infrequent. I can now fall asleep much quicker and he has a much better sleep as well. I have recommended the pillow to everyone I know that has trouble with snoring

- Anna Newton, Auckland

Only ordered on Thursday and it arrived Saturday. Fantastic sleep since. It really works just the odd noise but not enough to keep anyone awake. Thankyou, Thankyou Thankyou!!! Both Feeling better after a week of great sleep. Worth every dollar. If you are thinking is it worth it? Absolutely yes!!! I've tried all the nose strips, sprays and other pillows too but nothing else worked for me this did and I am so happy, no longer tired in the afternoon or need a nanna nap.

- Alicia & Chris Clark, Wellington

The pillow works, my husband and I have both had full night sleeps since we received it. I also do not wake up with headaches any more. I can't thank you enough.

- Nuree Allan, Omokoroa

“I joined the Patney user’s family approx. 18 months ago and have found it to be the best thing I could have done. Not only has it reduced my snoring and improved my sleep quality but it has meant my wife has also had less disturbance to her sleep routine. This has been especially important as she is a very light sleeper. Thanks Frances and the Patney team”

- Rick Johnson, Waikato

"I wanted to thank you for inventing this pillow. It works so well that we can now enjoy complete nights of sleep and is thus making us very happy. This is the good news of 2020 for us! and it has become our symbol of hope, in Melbourne at this time."

- Alice, Melbourne

"Just have to say - thank you for the life changing solution to my snoring! I’m only 35 but I’ve been struggling with snoring for quite a while. It wasn’t only affecting my sleep, but my partners as well. From the first day I slept on my pillow I didn’t snore once! It’s super super comfortable & I can’t remember the last time I woke up feeling as refreshed as I do now! Massive thank you from the bottom of my heart - totally amazing!"

- Emily, Lower Hutt

“My Patney has had an incredible effect on my snoring and on the
quality of my night's sleep. I have been using an iPhone app called SnoreLab to monitor my snoring and you can see the difference in the two screenshots from the app, the first covering random nights up to August 26th, the second covering the first few days using the Patney.”

Snore lab app - Testimonal John Sisgsworth

Snore lab app - Testimonal John Sisgsworth sleeping with patney


- John Sigsworth, Wellington

I got my patney pillow a month ago it is awesome. It really works my snoring level is way down with the odd snore. Hubby is really happy with the results. Well worth the money and I will definitely recommend to others 🙂🙂

- Carla Holton, Hamilton

“Thank you for the pillow. I sleep so well now. I wake up and am ready to face the world. Until you sleep properly you don't realise just how poorly you were sleeping. I have told everyone about your pillows. Yes, even my doctor. You have changed my life.” 

- Cathy Hacker, Sydney

"It’s brilliant, it is a gold medal Patney. When I put my head on it, I sleep. If I don’t have it I don’t sleep.”

- Duncan Garner, Auckland

- Tony Kane

“I’m amazed at the Patney’s success! It has improved my life in a week! I've slept on the pillow now for 6 nights and I am now waking before my alarm and getting up feeling refreshed and ready for life. Before I would snooze my alarm for an hour and the kids would have to drag me out of bed feeling so tired still. I've gone for two morning runs and I’m spending quality morning time with the kids before school/work. I'm so grateful for the pillow, thank you so so much.”

- Linda Stewart, Tauranga

“Love our pillow! Quite simply one of the best things we’ve ever bought. Not one peep out of my husband since he first slept on it nearly 2 months ago. Sheer bliss.”

- Jools, Gisborne

"I have now been using the Patney pillow for about 6 months and it has changed my life."

- Sue Hulse, Whangaparaoa

"Thank you for your pillow, since the purchase I have shared my husbands bed and I now know what it is like to function on a good night’s sleep. I didn’t realise how tired I was when I was snoring all night. I am so grateful."

- Juna Mobley, Dannevirke

"It’s amazing no more snoring, my wife is so pleased."

- Ron Brendersen, Auckland


- Tony Randell, Hamilton

"The Patney pillow is the Best product I've ever bought!!!!!!"

- Fons & Judy Nieuwendijk, Pukekohe

"I ran some tests using the snore lab app and the pillow definitely makes a difference. If I stay on my side the snoring is virtually eliminated! Over 2 months my average score is 16 and my best 4. When I didn’t use my Patney for a night, my score was 64."

- Chas Struthers, Auckland

"I sleep now and my partner sleeps soundly without snoring. It's
brilliant. It is a relationship changer."

- Amanda Gillies, Auckland

"Best investment I've ever made, it really works"

- Sheryl Morgan, Hamilton

"Over the past couple of years I have tried a number
of solutions, including nose clips and anti-snoring mouth guards, all with limited success. With the Patney, my snoring has completely stopped. I am really impressed with the Patney. It’s comfortable to sleep on and unbelievably effective. I have no hesitation in recommending it."

- Peter, Lyall Bay

"I have been using my Patney for nearly a year
now and it has made a huge difference to how I feel in the morning. I would often wake up feeling like I didn’t get enough sleep due to my heavy snoring. My wife is also much happier as she doesn’t get woken up by my extremely loud snoring."

- Trent Adams, Raglan

“These really do work. I’ve had one for a month
now and my wife is rapt! I’ve now ordered one for my holiday home as well.”

- Tim Brittain, Waikato

“I decided to give the sleep positioner a go and
I am really happy to say it actually works!! I haven’t changed anything except my pillow. I still have a couple of beers and where I would usually be keeping my poor wife awake half the night, she reports that with the Patney, I snore/grunt a little bit but then drop off to sleep quietly. She has woken a number of times over the last three nights (normally blamed on my snoring of course) but I've been sleeping soundly and quietly every time she’s woken. I didn’t think a pillow (or sleep positioner) could change things to this degree but after only three nights, the result so far seems well worth the spend for us. Thanks Patney Ltd!!”

- Wayne, Tauranga

“This pillow is amazing and it works. It honestly
changes your sleep quality for the better and a silent night for your partner. I highly recommend it and Frances gives incredible personal service and support. It’s worth every cent.”

- Sian Vickers, Greytown

"My wife is over the moon not having to put up with my snoring."

- Jim, Wellington

“I was fortunate enough to win a Patney pillow
at the GP Conference this year. I decided to get it for my husband - the thought of not being interrupted throughout the night with his snoring was bliss. However, once it was delivered he just put it to the side and didn’t want to use it. So as it was gathering dust, I decided to change the bedroom and add in the Patney pillow and make my husband use it. And WOW, we have not looked back since. My husband now wakes up more refreshed and less grumpy, which means I do too! Even when he was sick with a head cold, it still worked. We slightly elevated the pillow and he was able to breathe a lot better while sick. I would recommend the Patney to all those who suffer the "nightly tree cutting" – I even got my boss to purchase one.”

- Cranlee Wiawiri, Taranaki

- Tracey Fraser

“Thank you for providing my husband with your fabulous pillow.
It has made a huge difference to his snoring and to the quality of sleep for both of us. Thank you for your persistence in designing it. You are our current hero!”

- Donna, Whangarei

"It does work and worth the money to get a good nights sleep."

- Janet McLea, Kerikeri

“I have to tell the world about this pillow! It has changed my life. The life that was the wife of a snorer, holy heck, freight trains had nothing on my hubby - his snoring was dream shattering, sleep preventing, fully induced wife loathing but after a visit with the amazing Lisa at Koru Acupuncture, she told me about this pillow. I was hugely sceptical, thought what a load of rubbish but hey I had tried everything else, so why not this! And god damn am I glad I did - last night was the 6th snore free night I’ve had in the last 20 years. For all my tired friends who look at their husbands with the death stare in the morning, seriously consider buying one of these pillows. And just to make it even better, Layne says he wakes up feeling amazing, the best sleep he’s ever had.” Aroha McKenzie, Lower Hutt

- Aroha McKenzie, Wellington

Got one and I love it!!

- Jeremy Beckford, Wainuiomata

They are absolutely great- my husbands the snorer and the pillow works - I can at long last get peace at night . I got it for me so I can get a decent night sleep. He whinges cause he wants to scrunch his face in an ordinary pillow- but I not having that roaring all night anymore.

- Beverley & Peter Bayly, Stratford

Should have bought one of these 20 years ago ! Hubby no longer snores . Yay ! Worth the money folks

- Collette & Shane Kerr, Tamatea

This pillow is amazing , I have stopped snoring and don’t get tired in the afternoons anymore . It’s sooo worth it 🛏🛏💤💤💤

- Fleur Reece, Auckland

So embarrassingly I was the snorer of my marriage, to the point where my husband couldn't sleep. Not only was I ashamed, I felt so sorry for him because I was getting a great sleep but he wasn't. So I took the challenge, bought the pillow and literally the night it arrived it reduced my snoring. I check with my hubbie every morning and he says 'I don't get woken up by you anymore. 5 ⭐from the Senele's!!!

- AJ Senele, Levin

I have now been using my Patney for nearly 3 yrs. Still finding it is doing its job really well. My snoring has been sorted and I'm super happy I spent the dollars investing in a produce that works so well. Thanks Patney Ltd.
PS might be back for a second one for in the motorhome so I don’t have to transfer it over when we travel!

- Meg McKain

With 30-day money back guarantee confidence and recommendation from someone who uses one, my wife gifted me a Patney. Scepticism disappeared after the first night as I woke having not snored and with sleep undisturbed by restlessness and gasping. For the first few nights while I slept soundly my wife was wakeful, thinking that the silence meant that I had stopped breathing! After almost one year my Patney is still 100% effective at controlling my snoring. It is a well-travelled trip companion. My non-snoring wife recently purchased a Patney in order to sleep in a position providing optimum alignment support for breathing freely. Her first positioner felt too hard however she persevered for the recommended time then contacted Frances who exchanged it for a softer one. My wife and I are very satisfied customers. The care and commitment shown by Frances to ensure that Heather’s Patney is the right comfort fit for her is evidence of excellent customer service.

- Gavin Baumberg, Hamilton

- Testimonial from Georgina

“Definitely worth the investment. I have tried everything from throat sprays, to gadgets for my mouth and nose, and even endured unsuccessful minor surgery twice. A week after receiving my pillow I am a total convert. A whole week of uninterrupted sleep for both myself and my husband, am still pinching myself. We should have done this sooner.” 

- Tracey Fraser, Napier

“My snoring is so loud that I even wake myself up. For years I've been sleeping with ear-buds in, just to block out the metronomic chainsaw sound I make as soon as I drift off. I don't know how my wife puts up with it! Well, that used to be the case, though things are much better now. While the Patney pillow hasn't cured me completely of my snoring, it's usage in conjunction with a nasal spray has greatly reduced my decibel level. This is much to my relief and my wife's! I can now wake up without such a sore throat and with a feeling of being so much better rested than before I received the pillow.The Patney elevates my head in such a way that is still comfortable, but lessens the vibrations that create the worst of my snoring. We are very grateful!”.

- Newstalk ZB’s, Tim Roxborogh, Auckland

“This pillow has been able to do what devices and medical interventions have not achieved in 10+ years of broken sleep, sleep apnoea, headaches. Within a week of buying and using this pillow my husband doesn't snore, has a healthy normal sleep and we both have much better general health and wellbeing because of this pillow. Poor sleep equals a poor quality and outlook on life. Anyone or their loved ones who struggle with the effects of snoring will undoubtedly not be unhappy with the outcome of using this pillow. It will be the best Christmas present you could buy for someone this year!”

- Tracey Farrington, Dunedin